Day 77 – Someone who believes in you

We moved to our place in April and before moving, I had to pack all my clothes that didn’t fit anymore and send them to storage. We thought that whatever we needed from storage we’d be able to just go and get slowly while we accommodated everything into our new fabulous space. A few months ago, when talking about this subject (which I avoided like the plague), Joseph and I were trying to decide what to do with some of the things we had in storage, “like your clothes” he said. Back then I was so resigned about my weight that I literally told him to just throw them out or donate them… ALL of them. Joseph looked at me in disbelief and said he wouldn’t do that, and we decided to just leave it at that for the time being.

Today, we finally started to make space for the stuff we really did need and get rid of the stuff we didn’t need anymore. Joseph piled up my clothes in a corner of one of the rooms while my daughter and I put all my collectibles on a shelf (we had fun doing that). Later this evening Joseph asked me to go take a look at the clothes and decide what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to donate. To my surprise, a lot of my clothes fit already, I would say about 80% of them fit comfortably, while another 10% were still a little snug and another 10% didn’t fit yet. I ended up only separating the my maternity clothes for donation and keeping almost all of my other clothes except for a couple of items. Then I realized why Joseph had refused to throw them away, I approached him tonight and said “thank you” for believing in me and he responded “yes, I knew how resigned you were about never being able to wear any of your clothes again.”

It is important to surround yourself by people who believe in you, no matter what. Someone who will say “you CAN do it! Don’t give up!” I am so blessed to have a husband who believes in me and I am also thankful for Beachbody, because this is one of the things I love about them. They are the ones who have put this program together, not only do you get an amazing workout program, but you also get the support you need, a personal coach and other people who are going through the program just like you. We are in it together and we all want to see each other succeed. That’s the beauty of it! Know that if you are considering buying Insanity or P90X or any of the other great workout programs offered by Beachbody, you are getting not only the workout but a great team of human beings who will be there with you every step of the way. And for that I am thankful. I am thankful for my coach who has been there for me when I had difficulty with the program on one occasion and told me what I needed to do, not only has he done that but he has been kind enough to check on me everyday to see how I’m doing.

Surround yourself by people who believe in you.That is one of the biggest gifts you can ever give yourself. Getting one of the programs from Beachbody is another great gift you can give yourself. You won’t regret it.