Day 7 rest – day 8 Chest, back and Ab Ripper

So day 7 we had the option of resting or doing stretching exercises. We opted to rest, I was still not feeling completely well in regards to my voice and even though I really missed working out, I think my body needed a little bit of a break.

I think my biggest fear about taking a day off was that I would not find the motivation to start over again on day 8, however, when last night rolled around I couldn’t wait to workout. My biggest surprise was hearing my husband say “2 more hours to workout!” and he was excited! That was a new one for me!

The workout is tough, but I noticed I was able to do more this time, still with difficulty. What amazes me, is that this is the second time I do this routine and I have already been able to add repetitions as well as do some of the exercises I wasn’t able to do so well last week, not only that, but I was able to do 5 repetitions of those and then do those again! I am definitely stronger and it’s exciting. Interesting, I am also staying more focused without effort while I work, plus the added benefit of feeling like my back is more open and I am walking straighter, taller, my back tension is completely gone, I no longer feel those knots on my back at the end of my shift and my pants are looser around the legs and waist. So yes, this weight loss is not my imagination, I have been losing weight and inches. I won’t find out how much though until day 30.

At this point, I’m just not really too attached to how many inches I lose. I am enjoying how great I feel, how better my clothes fit and how much energy I have.