Day 7 – 83 days left. Tiny… Me? Really?

Labor day weekend in our household is mainly spent with my daughter and I going to the local apple farm to pick apples. I don’t really know if the apple farm opens Labor day weekend or not, but it’s our family tradition. We love these apples, they are sweet, organic and so, so yummy.

Now that I feel a lot more confident about the way I look, I have found myself approaching people to do “small talk” more often. I kept complaining “I don’t know anyone” for the past year but truth be told, I had not really made any effort whatsoever (other than the photographer guild) to hang out with anyone, in part because I honestly didn’t have the energy or wasn’t in the mood to hang out with anyone.

After we were done picking apples, we stopped somewhere and I met a very nice lady. We started chatting and at one point she said to me “I used to be a model…  I used to be tiny like you” of course I just had to share where I was 90 days ago, I showed her my pictures and she was shocked. My whole idea is, you CAN get fit, hey I did it! So can you.

Yesterday was our “rest day” and we are to start our workout week today again. On days like these where our daughter has no school, it’s a lot more challenging to workout. So we normally work out when she either takes a nap or at night when she’s gone to bed. Her nap today was shorter than I wanted, so we won’t workout until tonight.

It’s amazing to know where I was 90 days ago and where I am today, for someone who “used to be a model” to say something like that quite honestly sounded like music to my ears. Ah yes! Sweet music 🙂