Day 65 – Diabetes or muscles, Choose!

I was chatting with someone yesterday about diabetes, which runs in my family. I was sharing with this person how my mom had beat the threat of diabetes by getting in shape and watching her diet, to the point that the once lingering threat is gone according to her doctor. The person I was chatting with said “well yes, but diabetes is never gone and if your mom stops exercising and watching what she eats, she may get diabetes in the future,” and my response to that was “of course, but why would she? It’s a lifestyle change.” This is what amazes me… the mentality that somehow once you start working out, feeling better,  healthy, strong and fit we’d actually want to somehow “stop” and revert to how we felt before, but why?

I have heard all types of excuses for not wanting to workout; one of those excuses I have heard lately is “well i don’t like women with muscles.” For me, it’s not a matter of liking muscles or not, muscle definition to me equals being fit, healthy and having a fast metabolism. I think that women who say that they “don’t like muscles” have forgotten how sexy firm arms look when wearing a sexy black, sleeveless dress. Wouldn’t you want to look that way? I would!

Maybe it’s not that people don’t like muscles, maybe it has to do more with how resigned we are about our own health and fitness and thinking that we will “never” look a certain way. To those of you who are resigned about anything changing, I tell you: I cannot do anything for the way that you think or feel, only you have control over that; however, I CAN promise you that if you want to do something about your health, fitness and if you want to look and FEEL amazing, then DO something about it, I can teach you what I am doing that is working for me. I can’t force you to do it because ultimately the  choice to change your circumstances and your health is completely yours.

I have 25 more days to go to the end of this program. I have lost 16 Lbs. so far and I am feeling so good about what I’m seeing in the mirror that I can’t help but be proud of myself. Those beautiful toned muscles are starting to appear and I feel amazing! Don’t you want to feel amazing too? Choose health over diabetes, you CAN do something about it!