Day 55 – I love to glisten

One of the most interesting things about the P90X is that you never hit a plateau. What I noticed is that as I advance in my workout, my intensity, flexibility and strength increase, making it easier for me to work harder. The harder I work, the more calories I lose, the stronger I get and the more flexibility I gain. This week it was interesting to see how much more flexible I am with yoga. I can raise my leg higher, reach farther, be more balanced in certain poses and I sweat up a storm and it feels soooooo good! As I was working out, I noticed the sweat just coming out of my back, head, face, forearms, arms, legs. My hubby said “you’re glistening from the sweat,” and oh how I love it!

As I am writing this, I am thankful that I have the opportunity to teach my little girl to eat healthy, workout, play, have fun, be a child, be active. My mind goes back to Thursday, when I worked with a mom at a doctor’s office, her child 9 years old, weighed more than a normal 17 year old. Her two year old, weighed more than a normal 9 year old. It’s sad to see what’s happening. It upsets me, that parents are unwilling to take responsibility for the way their children eat. It is not okay that this mom said her child drank too many sodas and juice… like the doctor said “why buy them?” I shouldn’t care that people are resigned about their own weight because ultimately, it’s their choice to not do anything about it. But to drag their children into making bad choices because parents are unwilling to make good healthy choices for their children is not OK with me. It doesn’t sit well. The rate of childhood diabetes in this country is outrageous. Children should not have to deal with high cholesterol, or type 2 diabetes. Children should not have to deal with obesity or have their lives shortened because of bad eating habits that were not taught to them by their parents. It’s neglect and it’s not Okay.

There are plenty of resources out there, there is plenty of education and good, healthy food choices. Something definitely needs to change and we must all take part in our communities to change this obesity trend.