Day 43 – What a lie – or maybe I misunderstood???

My husband has had a little bit of soreness in his knees for a few days so we decided to try a different cardio workout instead of Plyometrics. We tried Cardio X, according to the book, it said it was the one with “less impact” and of course what did I read? That it was EASIER. YEAH, nice try.. it was tough. Like I told one of my best friends, I perspired like a gorilla in a sauna, and don’t ask me where I got that expression from because I made it up. 🙂

To tell the truth, I really liked it, call me a masochist but I actually loved it. It is a combination of yoga, Kenpo X, leg exercises and everything cardio. It was awesome and really fun. There are exercises that I was able to do with ease this time around which were impossible for me to even attempt to keep my balance on when I first started, specifically the knee swings.

I keep talking about my results but I have to say that my husband is looking hot there… his back actually has some definition now and like he proudly announced on his status on Facebook today, his “man boobs are gone, gone, gone.”

I know that exercising may seem scary when you are starting a program, I know because I’ve been there too. There are still certain exercises I can’t do. Last night for example we had to do chest, shoulders and triceps, the one-hand push ups well, I can’t do that well yet, I can do them somewhat, but I can’t go all the way down, but I was celebrating last night the fact that for the very FIRST time, I was able to do the clapping push ups YEAH! What I have been telling myself is that we learn everything by baby steps, but if we never try something new, how will we ever be able to do it? Truth is, babies’ legs get stronger by walking, it’s the same thing with anything, the more we practice, the stronger we get. the process itself is simple, the exercises may not be, but practice makes perfect 🙂