Day 4 – 86 days left of RevAbs

I am loving every minute of this workout. Day #4’s workout was an hour long. I was a bit hungrier than usual during the day but managed to make sure I did not eat too many calories. I drank more water because sometimes thirst is mistaken by hunger and that seemed to help. I am supposed to drink half of my weight in ounces so for example if I weigh 130 Lbs., I would have to drink 65 ounces of water, which is really one more ounce than I already drink.

This is only day four of our workout. I woke up once again feeling lighter. I told Joseph that I wanted to weigh myself because I suspected I had lost weight and sure enough, I have lost 2 Lbs. since starting this program. I am really eating the same amount of food I have been eating which is about 1700 calories but I know I am burning a lot during these short workouts. I am excited to see the transformation my body is going through already, inch by inch. Today both Joseph and I noticed that our arms have more definition. My legs too have more definition than when I started.

We sometimes forget how amazing our bodies are. We forget that if we take care of it, our body will respond positively.¬† I have to also say that there has been more of an internal transformation in my person as well, it’s not only physical, but I feel powerful, strong, confident. The transformation has happened at a core level as well, something that is not available with yo-yo dieting or other methods of losing weight.

I am thankful for my amazing coach for having written something that caught my attention in such¬† a way that I was curious and inquired about the P90X and started this journey, yes, I’ve done the work, but without him (thank you Marvin), Joseph and I would not be here.