Day 39 and 40 gone, I cannot lie…

There are days when it’s tough, there are days when I don’t feel like working out, when all I can say is I don’t wanna and you can’t make me darn it! And then I remember that life happens while I’m complaining, kicking and screaming and it will continue to happen and what good will complaining do? If I quit NOW who will benefit? No one. I will just kick myself tomorrow. Well whining and complaining gets tiring too, doesn’t it? Have you noticed how when we complain and complain and complain and complain, people automatically start to withdraw and stay away from us? I myself, have taken myself away from forums and chat rooms where all I hear is complaining. Why? Because it’s draining and I get tired of hearing the same ol’ story all the time. I say, if we complain so much about a situation why aren’t we doing something to change it? I guess we like to complain, but why?

As driven as I am, once I have committed to something, it doesn’t matter how much “I don’t wanna” my attitude about it is “even if I don’t wanna, no one can stop me.” The good thing is that my hubby and I are doing this together so we support each other to get the workout done even when one of us doesn’t want to.

As amazing as it seems, I am now on day 41 of the workout. We finished day 39 with Yoga X, day 40 was legs and back,  day 41 which is tonight was my very favorite… Kenpo X.  So at day 41 where am I? I have increased the resistance bands to the highest ones we have which are 40 Lbs. My arms are starting to get some definition (here comes the little black dress! YEAH!) and my calves are firm and so are my legs.

One thing I never expected from Kenpo X tonight was that the highest my heart rate got to during the workout was 156. When I first did Kenpo X my heart rate reached 179 and I had to struggle to keep it at that rate which was the maximum allowed for my age. Now, I had to work harder to get it to 156.  Another unexpected change was to notice all the places where I’m perspiring when I workout, my forearms, my wrists, even my scalp.

I am almost halfway done with the program. While others are still thinking about it, I have only 49 more days to go. I think that we need to get to a point when we’re ready to change our circumstances. I’m not talking only about our weight or fitness, I’m also talking about a job or our finances. For me, I go to a point where I was sick of complaining about how I felt. My first step was to stop complaining and take action. Therefore I say, if you don’t like your circumstances, do something to change them.