Day 37 – New schedule

If you’re my friend on Facebook you probably know by now that there has been a huge change in my life, yes, there has. I am now working at an office for the first time since I had my daughter. I ride the bus in the morning and it takes me an hour and a half in the morning plus an hour and a half in the evening to get home, yep, that’s 3 hours total of my wonderful day to get home. The first thing that came to mind when I got this job was, “now what?” How in the heck am I going to schedule time to workout, be a mom, cook, etc.???

Well truth be told, I had to figure it all out, I am not the first working mom and I won’t be the last and in all of that, of course I have to think about my own ideas of what a “perfect mom and wife” should look like, but truth be told, I am not even close to being perfect, and within all my imperfections I had to work something out, because truthfully, that’s all there is to do..

My hubby and I decided to work out in the mornings because it’s easier for me, I feel a lot more energized, focused and happy during the day when I work out. That implied that I MUST be in bed by a certain time and that we need to schedule everything else around that (yes even sex) and don’t look at this funny because it’s the truth.

(Note to self: don’t read half posts to hubby and leave him hanging)

OK, so now that we’ve figured out that we have to work out in the mornings then I forgot something else, oh yes… life happens! You know, that thing called life? When your 3 year old has a nightmare in the middle of the night and yeah, you just hear her little voice saying “mommy I’m scared, my bed is scary, please…” followed by me trying hard to not trip over the tennis shoes I left by my bed while I try to take her back to bed, tuck her in, sing to her and tiredly stumble in a half-daze back to bed hoping that it won’t be too difficult to go back to sleep (yeah that actually happened last night). Waking up this morning was a drag, realizing that today was the day for one of the “long” workouts… 45 minutes. Well, when life shows up, you do your best, and no, I didn’t work out. I woke up too late and ended up having a healthy breakfast and then going to work.

All in all, I have been enjoying taking my Shakeology to work for lunch. I normally will take a chocolate one, sit with a good book and take some much needed “me” time reading and enjoying my yummy lunch and an apple.

On another note, I am close to my goal. I only have about 7 more pounds to lose and I will be where I want to be. By the way, my tummy is looking firm and I have a 4 pack (not quite a six pack yet), but my muscles are showing so even if I don’t reach my weight goal, heck being 42 and having a flat belly is freaking awesome. 🙂