Day 32 About strength, flexibility and yoga

Yoga is one of my favorite practices. It’s my favorite because I am forced to focus on myself and empty my mind. It quiets the mind and all I am left with is all the sensations in my body from the stretches, the discomfort, the breath and the amazement of how awesome our body is.

What I have accomplished in a little more than 30 days has been truly incredible. Not only am I fitter, but I am also stronger and more flexible. It was incredible to do the whole session of yoga and be able to do Chaturanga EVERY single time. A correct Chaturanga is holding plank position a couple of inches from the floor. I used to be able to do that when I practiced yoga 4 years ago, but my core was much weaker and I needed to be able to build that strength once again. I love how great I feel once I’m done working out, the sweat coming down my back and my forehead KNOWING that I am doing something awesome for my body and actually seeing the changes day by day keeps me motivated and inspired.

If I have learned something valuable from years and years of fitness training, it’s that it is never a good idea to workout to the point where you are going to be nauseous. That just guarantees that you will quit or that you will not stick to the program. What that is, is a fantastic way to sabotage yourself from obtaining your goals. Be smart about your workouts, take care of yourself, eat well, take care of your joints and your body, in turn you will be rewarded with a nice, sculpted, beautiful body a clear mind, health and the list goes on 🙂