Day 31 – Shall we continue??

I keep saying that I’m stronger, I keep sharing about how much of a difference I have seen in my body. But something that I hadn’t experienced before is how much lighter I feel. It’s an interesting thing. I had to walk yesterday because hubby had the car and I needed to run an errand. The place where I was going is only about  3 blocks from where I live. As I was walking I started to notice how different I felt.

Day 31 we had once again a new DVD, biceps and back. I have to say this was the FIRST time that I was able to do the pull-ups since we got the program. Never would I have imagined that I would get there so quickly… however, I have to say that the more I see it, the more attainable these goals seem to me. There is no “someday I’ll  be able to do it” what I say now is: “I’m going to try it out” and most of the times, I was able to do it. The FUN thing about it is that I was able to finish the whole routine with this awesome feeling in my arms, if you’ve ever lifted weights and done it carefully, you know which one I’m talking about the “oh but it burns SOOO freaking good!” That feeling! Yeah!!

Now I have a problem, a wonderful, lovely problem. My favorite workout pants are starting to feel loose. So, I will have to get some new clothes in a month or heck, at the rate I’m going, probably sooner than that 🙂