Day 26 – Core Synergistics

As I sat down here to write what I just did, I realized that it’s only been 26 days that I have been working out. I have 64 more days to go for the conclusion of the 90 day program. Everything that felt scary about being able to do this program has slowly gone away. I have only 4 more days to take my first set of pictures. Right now, I don’t know how many inches I have lost, all I know is that exactly 1 week ago, I had lost 8 inches around my waist. Regardless, I am looking at my belly and it has started to get some definition. I still of course have to lose a little more before my ab muscles are defined, but regardless, even though I have been amazed with other people’s results, I can’t help but celebrate my own.

So why did I decide to do the P90X program? Well, for starters, it was much less expensive for me to do the program than to join a gym. I have become very comfortable at home, I don’t like to be seen working out, nor do I like how competitive I get when I’m at the gym and it was REALLY important for me to get back in shape.

One of my closest friends and I were discussing today the case of a 38 year old woman that was diagnosed with diabetes 2. We both work as interpreters so we see this quite a bit. (PLEASE NOTE: We did not disclose names, nor hospitals, nor health plans, nor anything, this was pure discussion on how young people who are being diagnosed with diabetes are nowadays, I am including here the case of a 12 year old patient that I had on the phone a few weeks ago). I have an aunt who died due to diabetes. Her death could have been prevented IF she had managed her weight and her diet.  The problem is that we always think “it won’t happen to me,” and we reach out for that comfort food that will give us a temporary feeling of well-being. We don’t stop to think that there are consequences for each action we take. And I’m not here to preach, I am talking from personal experience and from what I have seen working in the medical field. It saddens me, that there is so much education on nutrition out there and yet we fail at following good nutrition. We still give our children junk food and stuff that comes in bags that taste like cheese but who knows what it really is, or candy, or something that does not contain nutrients just because it is a lot more convenient.

People look at me funny when I don’t let my daughter eat certain things. When I say “she’s never had that, please don’t give her any,” sometimes I will get a “good for you” most of the times they look at me like I was born in another planet. I am committed to making sure she eats well, that everything she puts in her mouth is nutritious AND tastes good.

As for today’s workout, Core Synergistics wasn’t as difficult as it was the first time around. Yes, there are still things I can’t do, but the push ups that I have only been able to do using my knees, I am now able to do using my feet. I am stronger and yes, I am tired but it feels great!