Day 25 – Finally feeling better

I felt like my body needed to rest for a couple of days from everything, including the workouts, but we picked up today where we had left off. It was tough because my body still felt tired, but I knew that working out would be the best thing I could do to get my energy back. We had the longest workout to do today which is Total Strength and Mercy Abs. Why call them Mercy Abs? I have no idea, because my abs were burning so much they literally felt almost as a cramp… almost. We did the whole routine and by the end I was feeling great again. Still with a bit of a cough, but much, much better. Those feel-good endorphins sure work quickly.

As you may know, I have several reasons to workout and once again I proved those reasons today. The first one is because I really, really do feel better working out. The second reason is because I love going through clothes that I haven’t worn in a long time because they didn’t fit and realizing now that they do. That was the other thing I did today, besides resting and working out. I discovered my marathon training shirt. It hadn’t fit in years, yet I refused to give it away or dispose of it because it’s just so cool… and I guess I’m still attached to my old clothes. So, I decided to try it on, just to check it out and surprise! It fits!

This week has been incredible for me, even though I got a little sick in the middle of the week, I look back at everything I accomplished and I really feel a sense of pride. How cool to be in my 40’s and be fit! And how blessed I am to be able to jump around with my daughter without feeling short of breath and having tons of energy. This is the life I always dreamed of having and what is so amazing and cool to me, is that the future I am now living into, seems so much more amazing than it did 4 months ago. YES!