Day 24 – Kenpo X and Day 25 Stretch X

Five more days for my first “after” pictures. So far, I am  happy with the results and I’m amazed that in so little time, 25 days to be exact I have not only lost weight, inches around my waist, my awful double chin is gone, my face looks thinner and most importantly, I am SO much more flexible.

I started this program out of my commitment to lose weight, get back in shape and quite honestly LOOK GOOD. Because YES I LIKE to look good. I won’t lie about it.  Everyone likes to look good. Although that was not my main reason, it was pretty high on the list.

What I didn’t realize that would happen is that my core muscles would start to work so well. On day 23, if you recall, we did the “Core Synergistics” program. It’s intense, my ab muscles are not sore but I can tell that they are more engaged. Last night as I was getting prepared to do Kenpo X (by the way, Kenpo X is martial arts similar to kickboxing), I noticed how much my abs were working, I also noticed that there were stretches that I had struggled through weeks ago, that are now much easier.

Today, we were introduced to a new routine, “Stretch X,” I did not know what to expect but was pleased to see it is a combination of all the stretching exercises from all the DVD’s plus some yoga poses. Yes I LOVE yoga so it’s a treat for me 🙂

I am still not as flexible as I used to be years ago but my progress in only 25 days is amazing and my body has quickly started to open, to get stronger, I see muscle definition where there was none. I knew I would get results, I knew it would be quick, and yet here I am, AMAZED at the results.