Day 2 – 88 days to go, getting my butt kicked yet again

First of all, did I read this correctly when I purchased it? I thought it was an Abs program, however, I woke up with sore abs, butt, legs and arms (a good soreness), and no, I ended up not doing the P90X last night, we will resume tonight with that workout. Joseph had an extremely busy day and so did I so I was happy to have been able to squeeze in the RevAbs in the afternoon. Boy did I get a good workout too, oh my goodness is it intense! There are points in the workout where I get really aware of how good this workout is and how thankful for this amazing company I am. The nice thing is that I push myself to where I am capable of, nothing more, nothing less.

I have to mention something else as well, it’s really interesting but today I woke up feeling much lighter, my pants somehow seem to be a little looser around my waist. When I’m done with my workout, my abs still feel “fired up” for a good two hours after the workout is done. This is a new feeling for me, I’m used to not feeling my abs working out so hard with movements that are not the typical crunches or other ab exercises.

Today’s workout lasted about 40 minutes but they are pretty intense. I am starting to believe that it won’t take me that long to develop my six pack and it may be before the 90 days. Yes, I will complete the 90 days of this workout, but something is telling me that because I have a good baseline to start from with having completed the 90 days of the first round of the P90X, it won’t take me long to see the results.

I was told yesterday “hang in there” as if I would quit. I don’t think people realize the level of commitment I have to being fit and in shape. It really is not a matter of “hanging in there”. Those three words remind me of a job that I hated where a good friend told me that as if there was no other choice. I cringe at the mention of those words, why? Because it’s not a matter of “hanging in there” it’s a matter of wanting something so bad that I am willing to do what it takes to be healthy. It’s a matter of having a better understanding about nutrition and exercise, there is no “hanging in there”. There is a level of commitment, discipline and a deep respect and love for your body. That’s what it takes. Your body will be thankful and will respond by changing little by little, inch by inch, getting stronger day by day. You will  feel better, trust me. There is a reason why Beachbody’s motto is: “decide, commit, succeed,” because that’s what it takes.