Day 16 – Plyometrics UGH! – My hate-love relationship

Last night I did NOT want to workout. If I wasn’t working out with a partner, it would have been easy for me to say, “screw this” It was just one of those days, I was tired and although it’s not an excuse… the volcanic activity in Guatemala has me worried since I have family there. After the workout though, I felt better and of course. (Thank you hubby for keeping me in check).

Tony Horton calls Plyometrics “the mother of all workouts.” And he is NOT kidding, this workout is designed to kick your butt, put you upside down and kick it again. I was annoyed and not in a joking mood. At one point I told Joseph “I hate this although I know at the end I’ll love it.”  And I was right, nothing like a good workout to leave me feeling better. I ended up using my frustration to my advantage and finished the workout. I have to say, there are exercises from this particular workout that I was unable to do a week ago. My strength has increased in two weeks.

One thing I noticed last night was that the muscles on my legs are starting to get definition in places where I never had any, not even with the marathon training. I know a lot of women don’t like muscle definition, I actually do, not only for health reasons, but also because when I see muscle definition I think to myself what an amazing thing our body is, definitely a work of art.

Working out is like anything else in life. If you don’t keep at it, you’ll never succeed. If you are not succeeding, change your strategy and find someone who can support you in changing it… a coach, a partner, someone who will help you keep your word about what it is that you will do.

One of the things that is helping me is my fantastic website. I am looking at my goals now in regards to my measurements. I know I had said I wouldn’t check, but at this point, I needed something to keep my motivated.  I’m going to have to set new goals in regards to my measurements. I have already reached them and I still have 14 days left for the first 30 days. Wow.

Yes I have a hate-love relationship with plyometrics… although it’s not with the workout itself, but with my impatience. I want to be able to do ALL the exercises… but I’m loving the process. P90X is teaching me so much, commitment, patience, persistence and the belief that no matter what, I CAN finish the program, I CAN get back in shape and I CAN live healthier.

If you are considering looking at the P90X, go to

I will be posting pictures there soon.