Day 14 rest, Day 15 Chest, back, Ab ripper and a little impatience…

I’m impatient, very impatient… and my husband has started to get awesome results. Of course for me, it’s easier to see his results than my own. So… I was moody, very moody. But then yesterday I got an email from my coach saying he wanted to talk to us. So we got on the phone last night and my hubby told him how impatient I was… which is no secret. I am impatient and I am very aware of it.

My coach told me that men lose weight faster because of testosterone levels and suggested I take measurements to see the change. Again, I am getting results. A leather jacket that did not fit a week ago actually fits me this week. All in 15 days, and here I am complaining, right? Well today I decided I’d take one measurement… just one to see the results. To my surprise I have lost a whole 5 inches around my waist! So yes, I am getting results and just needed a reminder. I will do what my coach suggested “use your impatience to your advantage, keep working harder.”

Keeping this conversation in mind, I worked harder last night. We’ve been keeping a log of our workouts which include the amount of repetitions and the weight. Last night it was really interesting. I actually increased the weight of the bands, I was working with resistance bands equal to 20 Lbs, last night I went up to 30 because 20 was simply not doing it for me.

I’m not sore… yet, but I know that I worked hard at it because I was perspiring quite a bit. We also purchased some heart monitors since we need to keep an eye on our heart rate.

I will be posting before and after pictures in about 15 days… and I can’t wait!