Day 12 – I’m amazed!

So Day 12 we’re back to legs and back. A series of leg exercises including lunges, squats, tippie-toe exercises and pull ups. I was able to keep up pretty much with almost every exercise… not only that, but I had to increase my weight for the very first time, I am now lifting 30 Lbs. instead of the 20 I was lifting last week. At this rate, in a couple of weeks I will probably be able to FINALLY use the pull-up bar.

It was late at the end of the exercise, hubby wanted to go straight to bed and skip the Ab-Ripper but I insisted we go ahead and do it regardless, why? Because I hadn’t done all that AND not do them… besides, there is no way I can expect to have a flat tummy if I skip these exercises… and I am still not able to do 100% of them. But there is progress (like always).

So I celebrate the success and I look forward to working harder and better next week. Day 12 is done, on to day 13 and the countdown continues to day 30.