Day 10 – Arms and Shoulders and Ab Ripper

So last night we did arms and shoulders.  It is so interesting to see where we were last week compared to this week. I am excited to see my progress after only one week. OK so 5 reps of one of the exercises may not seem like much, buy hey, last week I wasn’t even able to do 1 not even 1… and last night 5 WOW. That’s progress and every little bit of it must be celebrated with a Snoopy dance as far as I’m concerned.

After we were done with this challenging exercise, we moved on to Abs.. they definitely call it the “Ripper” for a reason. There is no way that one cannot have that beautiful flat and defined stomach with these ab exercises, 11 different variations, 25 repetitions of each, 16 minutes of pure torture. Some of them I was able to do, others, I’m still uncoordinated but did my best and others, heck… I still can’t do but there is progress and it’s obvious.

Here comes the interesting part, although I promised I wasn’t going to take measurements nor was I going to weigh myself, I did look at the “before” pictures last night. There is an obvious difference from what I looked like a week ago and where I am at right now. It’s OBVIOUS and it’s exciting!

So here is something interesting to share… if you ever think that you are unable to do the P90X, consider this: In the “PLyometrics” DVD, there is a young man who is doing this workout, all squats and jumps with a prosthetic leg… if he found the strength within himself to do the P90X with only one leg, so can I. He’s my inspiration. What’s yours?