Day 1, 89 to go and I had my abs kicked

Yes, you read it right and it’s not a misspelling. I had my abs and my ass kicked but I was able to keep up and no, I wasn’t able to do the more advanced stuff. I did what I could and kept up but I did do close to 98% of it, in other words, I kept moving even though I wasn’t able to “spice it up” on all the moves. We did 45 minutes of “Total Strength” and by the time we got to the “Mercy Abs” my abs were ALREADY on fire. Each cobra stretch felt like heaven. 🙂

I can see this working, I can definitely see it helping me develop that six-pack I have always wanted. Oh yes… I daydream about it and I am on my way. Eighty-nine more days of this and both Joseph and I are going to be in the best shape of our lives.

I am not sure how hungry I am yet. I had a nice healthy breakfast consisting of 4 egg whites scrambled with chopped onion and a bit of orange bell pepper. I’ve been eating this way for some time now so I’m used to it, plus drinking water during the day keeps me satisfied and my snack in between meals rocks (usually half a protein bar or something else worth 100 calories).

Rev Abs rocks and tonight P90x. Oh boy… we’ll see if I can keep up 🙂