Completion of Round 1 of the P90X

Yes! I did it!! The whole 90 days of this program. As my husband and I got ready for our workout, I didn’t think much of it, except during the actual workout I pushed myself a little harder. I realized today how much more flexible and how much stronger I am. I kept breathing into each one of the poses, push-ups and exercises in the Core Synergistics DVD. It was really great.

When I was done, I found myself teary eyed. I was able to do it! I did the whole 90 days! I didn’t miss any workouts! I DID IT! This for me was a huge accomplishment! Although I ran several 5Ks in the past and was training for a marathon when I got pregnant with my beautiful little girl, I was not able to finish training for that marathon, much less run the marathon itself. I still feel proud of running 20 miles, but I can’t really boast about actually running it. Yes, I know, running 20 miles is probably a much longer distance than the distance that most of the people that I know have run and come to think about it, the town we live in is only 11 Sq. Miles (so I’m told)… but this is ME we’re talking about ok? Almost running a marathon doesn’t count for me. I’m a perfectionist, what can I say.

This is only round 1, I’m not done yet. Yes, I have accomplished a lot, yes, I lost a lot of inches and yes, I am fitter and more flexible. It’s a good start, but looking at what I was able to accomplish in 90 days, I realize that I can do more, I CAN be stronger and why wouldn’t I want to be? I will be starting round 2 of the program in a couple of weeks and I will be combining it with RevAbs, another great workout from Beachbody which as you can tell by the title, focuses mainly on the abs, of course this is my main problem area.

So how far did I go in my weight loss? Well, I lost a total of 20 Lbs. and that is a HUGE thing for me. I had “sort of” done something previously do lose weight with exercise and good eating habits, but I was only about to lose some weight, and I was sort of happy with the results but not thrilled with them. Not to the point where I’d say WOW! Even when others were able to notice the change, for me, it wasn’t good enough.

Today however, I see my ultimate goal as something completely attainable. I no longer wonder “how am I going to do this?” I know what I need to do, and more importantly, I now have the tools and the discipline to continue for another 90 days with this program. Besides,, why wouldn’t I want it? I have had a major transformation in my body! Heck I am down to the size I wanted to be and besides, I only have a couple of inches more to lose to where I REALLY want to be. It’s no longer a question in my mind of whether or not I can do it, I now KNOW I don’t have to believe that it’s impossible to have a fit, flat belly after having a baby, which is something that I have heard many women say. I now AM the proof that this is not the case, and that it’s not  a matter of “good genes,” it’s a matter of wanting something bad enough that I was willing to do what it took, with a healthy approach.

P90X rocks! Yes, it really does!! In only 90 days, I’ve gone from a size 10 1/2 to a size 5. My once flabby arms are now firmer and my bulging belly is now almost completely gone.

I reached a large portion of my goal, I haven’t quite gotten to the weight I wanted to get to, but I have to be honest that I am not yet sure if that weight is appropriate for me anyway. I am  happy with my results, now I just have to continue to build on what I have already. Here are my results from day 1 to 90:

DAY Weight Waist Hips Chest R. Arm L. Arm R. Thigh L. Thigh
1 147 38 40 36 9.5 9.5 22 22
30 142 30 38 35 10.5 10.5 20 20
60 135 29 37 35 11 11 20 20
90 130 28 36 34 11 11 18 18