Colds, Flu and Antibiotics

I got a bit sick this week. Fortunately for me, it only lasted 3 days thanks to my very strong immune system. See, something that happens when we nourish our body the correct way, is that we are less likely to get sick and if we do, we are more likely to fight the infection a lot faster. I spent these days listening closely to what my body needed and I learned very quickly that it wanted me to rest… a lot. I slept for about 5 hours one day when after pushing my body a bit too hard with work, I developed a fever and yes, it was pretty high. I drank water and took something to bring the fever down because by then, it was necessary. We are so used to relying heavily on medications in my opinion, that many people will even rely on antibiotics to treat a cold or a flu, which is not recommended. So what can I say about colds, flu and antibiotics?

One of the things I try not to do is to rely heavily on medications to feel better. I want my body to be able to fight the infection on its own because I know that if I allow it to do that, it will be better able to handle anything, of course that doesn’t mean that I’ll be irresponsible if I were to absolutely need medications, but I will use them as a last resort, not as the first one. Someone suggested that I use antibiotics this past week because well, that’s what she does. I said “no”. She insisted, by telling me that “sometimes antibiotics are necessary.” Yes, that’s true… but not in the case of a flu or a cold. See the thing is that antibiotics treat bacterial infections and not viral infections. Something that for some reason, some people have a hard time understanding, regardless of how many times they’ve been told to not use them. I went on to do some research online and sent her a copy of what I had found, an article indicating that antibiotics should never be used for viral infections and that using antibiotics for that purpose poses some serious dangers, like super bugs, resistant to antibiotics. Check this article here.

So eat well, nourish your body, go to the doctor if necessary and avoid antibiotics for viral infections.