Clean eating, yes eating clean, that’s the key

Well boys and girls, you may be wondering… “did she quit Insanity?” The answer is No, I do not quit. But what did happen is that I have switched gears completely, focusing on eating a clean diet, making sure that my calories are “smart calories” while continuing to workout. Where that has lead me to is that in one week, although I have not seen a shift in my weight, I am seeing a result in the body fat quickly melting away. I have lost an inch around my waist since Saturday, yes, One inch! It looks like I am going to be reaching my goal of having that flat belly I have wanted for so long!

I started this journey as a goal to beat the threat of diabetes and I have accomplished that. I am happy to say that when I went to get my annual physical which I had postponed for very long, I discovered that all of my tests came back completely normal. My blood sugar levels were normal, my triclyceride levels were normal. My doctor also wanted to make sure that my thyroid was normal because he was concerned that one of the reasons I had gained so much weight was that my thyroid wasn’t working properly, but that too is normal. I am 100% certain that if I had continued on the same path of irresponsible eating and not moving, the results would have been very different. I love it that I am healthy. I am thankful that I can look at myself in the mirror and recognize the person looking back at me. I love it, that I can look at my daughter and know that I have done my part to stay healthy and share the gift of healthy eating and an active lifestyle with her as well.

So now that I’m healthy, why continue? Heck, because I want to stay healthy and because I want to look great. Yes, it’s true… I want to be that 40 something mom that can teach other moms how to get fit and stay healthy. I want to be the person who can teach other women how to cook healthy for their families and how exercise and how preparing good, nutritional, delicious food is not difficult and can actually be beneficial not only to them but to their whole family. That’s my commitment. That’s what I am aiming for… and then of course there is another thing I have under wraps but I will not be disclosing that until the time approaches, but this is something completely out of the box for me and I’m excited and so looking forward to this fun thing I’m doing, well I’m not doing it alone, I have 22 other beautiful women that I have gotten to know in very few days who are doing it with me.

And with that, I must say I love my life, I love my husband who supports me in everything I do, no matter how out of the box it is. So this post is dedicated to him: Thank you honey, my life is amazing because of you.