Changing gears, stop the complaint!

My interpreting job called this morning at 6:00 am. The first call lasted about 44 minutes. I came running downstairs to be on the phone so I wouldn’t wake my daughter up or my hubby (although too late when the phone is right next to my bed).

It’s interesting for me to switch from total sleep to an intense, long call with words like “harassment” or other legal terms that would normally take me a couple of seconds to focus and interpret while thinking (oh crap!). I am amazed at how quickly my brain switches gears from one language to another. I don’t think about it much because I’m used to it, and I’m not the only person here who does this, I have a network of extremely talented and amazing, wonderful friends who are also interpreters and who I have gotten to know quite well.

Although I don’t normally pay much attention to how my brain works or how quickly it switches gears because I can’t really “see” how it works (and thank goodness for that, it would totally creep me out if I was able to!) I am amazed to see how much my body has changed very quickly. I don’t think about many things because I’m used to them, the way my brain works, or the fact that as a 40+ year old female I take no medicines and I am in excellent health (to the amazement of my new doctor in town.) However, when I get in touch with reality that as an interpreter I get calls in regards to people much younger than I who are in very poor health, well… I have a chance to be thankful and to really think “Wow! That could be me if I had done nothing about where I was headed to.”

Truth be told, if my coach hadn’t mentioned P90X or Shakeology and had he not said something that peaked my interest and get on the ball rolling to do something to change directions, I wouldn’t be here now. I would be as unhappy with my health/fitness as I was 3 – 4 months ago. Heck, as far as I know, I would probably STILL be complaining about my poor energy level, my lack of sleep, my weight gain, the fact that my clothes didn’t fit and that I felt like crap. Yep, that’s the truth, 4 months ago I felt like crap and I knew I had to do something about it. See the thing is that I get tired of hearing complaints, seriously, ask some of my friends… people have even gotten ticked off at me for saying “OK, let’s change the subject, let’s have some happy conversation now” because complaining to me gets old, it doesn’t matter who complains and, it gets even more boring to hear ME complaining. I can’t tolerate it… the way I saw it is that I needed a reality check, I either LOVED to complain and was unwilling to do something about it, or I was SICK of complaining and it was time to change gears. As you can tell, I chose the latter, I got tired and really, really bored of the same freaking, old, broken record complaint.

The fun thing for me, has not only been able to see the shift in my health/fitness/well-being but to be able to get others inspired about doing something about their health/fitness/well-being. I honestly have to say, it’s one thing to see the shift in my well-being, seeing it in another human being that I had the honor to inspire gives me a whole different level of accomplishment. Just that alone, knowing that I had something to do with that moves me to tears! And that’s why I am a coach 🙂