Be truthful with me!

That was the opening line of an email I received this week. A lady sent me a message asking me to not “lie” to her about whether or not what I do works and she wanted me to be truthful. So I was, and my reply to her was that what I do works but you have to do the work, you can’t expect to pay for something and not follow the instructions and expect to get results, just by the mere action of paying for it. It doesn’t work that way and the truth is that I wish it did. Can you imagine? My life would be heaven! I could buy some food, set it in the kitchen and voila! A whole meal would be ready for me in minutes. How about laundry? Yeah… that’s the worst chore for me… I could just buy detergent set it down and my laundry would be done without me ever even setting one finger on the dirty clothes. Ah yes… if only.

The truth is that results don’t magically appear. Results are a simple formula: You put in the work (or not) and you will get exactly the results for the work you put in (or not). Great results takes time, commitment and being open to learning new things, changing your lifestyle, eating healthy and exercising.  No matter how I put it, results don’t create themselves, we create them, whether they are the results we want or the opposite of the results we want.

What I offer is something simple: accountability, support, recipes, tips, inspiration, and you have to take action, I make it fun and offer encouragement. It might not be always easy, I’m not saying it will, we all have pressure from friends, relatives and people who might not be in favor of what we’re doing. But how about setting that aside for once and asking yourself… What do YOU want?