Back on track – Kenpo X

After two days of oopsie, ouchie, my knees healed completely from the soreness I was having. It’s a good thing that it wasn’t anything a little ice and rest couldn’t take care of. In any case, I still decided to be extremely careful with my movements, nothing drastic, nothing too intense, one step at a time and today, nothing like a little Kenpo X to kick my butt and get it back into gear YES!

I am definitely an endorphin junkie… I feel SO good after working out it amazes me. I love how much I perspire during Kenpo X and today was not the exception. Some of my exercise gear (like my sports bra) has had to be adjusted to fit tighter.

So here are my results so far. I have lost 8 Lbs. in 20 days, 8 inches around my waist. It amazes me, it seems like I am losing one inch a day since last week. Even when I rested for two days I still watched my diet and TA-DA! 1 less inch! My tummy is not completely flat yet, but I am sure getting there!

It’s exciting!