And the inches have started to melt off…

What a workout we had last night. We were perspiring so much it was crazy. This morning I woke up rested, I realized I had one of the most restful nights I’ve had in months, maybe even years.  I knew I would sleep well and I knew I my voice would be feeling better. What I wasn’t expecting was to look at myself in the mirror and realize that my belly is smaller. I am in complete amazement and shock! It’s only been 6 days of this intense kick-butt workout and I am ALREADY seeing results!

Even though I haven’t measured myself and even though I haven’t weighed myself, the fact that I saw myself in the mirror and can notice the difference is shocking. It’s not the exercise alone, we have definitely changed the way we eat. We are eating less starchy foods and choose our snacks carefully, we eat on time, we don’t skip meals and we’re also drinking our protein shakes which are helpful as well.

I am extremely thankful that I can tell the difference already and that I’m feeling so great, even though my voice is still not back 100%, I have energy, I am focused, I am not as stressed and my mood is great (I’m normally cranky when I’m sick).

I know the benefits of working out are many and even though I have worked out in the past and have seen these benefits myself, it is easy to forget those benefits when  you don’t workout. The couch and TV may seem more enticing than getting up and doing something about our health. The chips and dip may seem like they taste better than the healthy food we can choose instead. But every choice we make, every single one of those choices is going to impact our health, our families and even the way we feel about ourselves and our mood. Wouldn’t you prefer to live longer, healthier, happier, feeling great about yourself? Or do you prefer what feels comfortable, the couch, the TV and the chips and dip, but then you feel miserable, with no energy, digestive problems, diabetes, and long-term health problems. That doesn’t seem like life to me and quite honestly, I choose life over my comfort. That’s all there is to it.