About water, hydration… it’s important

I am 7 weeks away from my competition date. I’ve been sticking to everything regarding my training, my exercises, my cardio routines, my ab and posture workouts, my Shakeology, my Insanity program, my delicious meals… everything except hydration. Yes, hydration is important, but why oh why do I resist it so much?  I know how good I feel when I drink my 128 ounce water throughout the day. Make a note: I drink 128 ounces of water in 1 day, that’s a gallon of water in 1 day. Yeah, it’s tough for me to drink so much. In fact, I keep a 72 ounce thermos like container called “Bubba Keg” that keeps my water cold for 12 hours. I put tons of ice in it and fill it to the top. Today, I succeeded at drinking two 72 ounce Bubba Kegs and I have to say, I feel amazing. I’m not bloated and feel a lot lighter. Great, right? But then WHY is it so hard for me to keep it up? Yeah, I could say it’s because I get busy at work, but that’s not the truth… because most of the times, I remember that I have to drink water and I simply don’t do it.

I must be weird, I mean seriously! I have no issues with the workouts or with eating healthy. I now can turn down ice cream or frozen yogurt very easily. I don’t mind saying “no thank you” to the cookies, brownies or cupcakes that they offer at work. The evil $0.25 snack machine has no grab on me. I simply ignore it. But the water??? Which is good for me, I completely dismiss… and the funny thing is that I LOVE how good it feels to drink it! Maybe there is more to it, maybe it’s this idea that I “HAVE” to drink water. Maybe I’m resisting this part of the coaching like my 3 year old when I tell her that she has to go to bed “but I don’t want to, it’s not dark outside” she tells me. Regardless of the reasons, I had to find something that would work for me in order to drink the water I need. So I got myself two water drinking buddies, a friend who is training with me and my hubby. My hubby knows how competitive I am so throughout the day he’d send me text messages: 12 he’d say, my response was 48 at one point his message “I’m winning 90 ounces HAHAHAHAHA!” I had already finished my 72 ounce Bubba and had filled it up, I was so focused on drinking that I hadn’t realized that I was almost done with it… by the time I replied, I had finished my second Bubba, a whopping 144 ounces of water and I was done with my water intake for the day at around 4:10 PM.

I may not find the reason for which I sabotage myself, but I do know two things: I know that getting an accountability partner works and I also know that when changing a habit or creating a new one, it takes 21 days of doing it consistently for it to become permanent. So all I need to do, is continue to drink water consistently throughout the day for 21 days with the help of my two accountability partners. it will be easy after that. So my lesson for today is find something that works so you can reach your goal. You know yourself well enough to know what that is.