A rare find…

Yes, rare indeed… on my quest to eat something healthy over the weekend while we were heading back home from Cambria, we… (well more like our hungry bellies) stumbled upon a very rare find. A delicious and healthy Mexican grill properly called “Taco Temple.”

What was surprising about the restaurant is that it was no big deal, no fancy place, had I been on my high-horse, I might have missed it. We sat down to order, and then read “no credit cards” Darn! So, Joseph had to go get cash. We both ordered a vegetarian burrito and something for my daughter which we were told was a “small serving.” And of course since it was our weekend… we had a glass of wine. The servings were large, VERY large. My daughter’s order was enough to feed 4 kids, my burrito could have fed me the whole week and the glass of wine, well… it was more like a half bottle.

It was reasonable as well and probably worth a ton of calories. I could have eaten the whole thing because it was SO good… but I have taught myself to really be careful with my portions. Yes, I still eat yummy food… but I’m able to stop when I have had enough, no guilt, no feeling of stuffiness and no fart-fest (I figured we had already been to a festival for the day, no need to go to a more memorable one.)

As far as going back to this place, you bet! We definitely will… and if you’re ever in Cayucos, CA, it’s worth making a stop here. 🙂