A constant commitment

 I have heard of many women who compete and after the competition go crazy with their diets. When I was in Los Angeles on that competition weekend, I was told by one of the members of the hotel staff that most competitors after the competition is over will go to the little store and start eating whatever sweets that they could find. She was surprised that I didn’t and was asking what the difference was (for the record I had a piece of cake that night to celebrate.) I think that for me, the difference is that I had to work longer to reach my goal. None of these girls that I know of went from obese to fit to competition, I had. In the process my relationship with my body and with food had transformed and I had not even noticed the change… that’s how you know that transformation has happened, when the little changes, compounded by time add up and all of a sudden you realize that it’s a lifestyle. 

It is absolutely normal to gain weight after leaning down so much for a competition. As of Sunday of this week, I had gained 4 pounds and then I made an agreement with my hubby that I needed him to hide the scale from me. I did not want to become obsessed with my weight. So he did, I woke up yesterday and realized that the scale was gone and felt SO much freedom to not be tied to that number. I looked at the mirror and said “hey! I look pretty good today!”

After taking two weeks of rest to recover from such intense training, I started another round of P90X this week and I have to say, EVERYTHING I have read about rest and recovery is absolutely true. I am stronger and was able to lift much heavier with the bands and free weights. I woke up pretty sore today and it feels GOOD.

It took me 14 months to reach my fitness goal and along this journey, I have met people who have been extremely supportive and maybe one or two who are a bit uncomfortable with my commitment to fitness. This morning on my way to work, someone asked me “do you have to workout so extreme all the time?” and I replied, “I workout as extreme as I feel like working out. So if I am waking up early to workout, you bet I’m going to make it count.” I was then asked if I was working out because I was preparing to compete again next year since I have said I want to do it again. I explained that the truth is that even though I do want to compete again, I am not training to compete, this is a lifestyle. My friend protested “No it’s not!” I replied, “It is, I could decide not to compete and I would STILL be working out.” Then I got “the look” you know which one, the terrified look of “she’s going to convince me to do the same.” Followed by the “judging look” that I am familiarized with because I’ve mastered that one (and can laugh about myself which helps break it up.)

 Not everyone will understand and that’s the truth. Not many will step up their game and want to get in shape and do what it takes. Most people just complain about their health, about how their joints hurt, or how their lower back hurts, or how they have lack of energy, or their clothes don’t fit (and the list goes on.) I decided to break the mold, that’s all. Complaining day by day was not an option for me when I had a say in the matter and could change my lifestyle, feel better and live longer. There is nothing special about me, NOTHING. The only thing different about me is that I got in action.

 I now have the tools, know what to eat, how to eat, how to prepare my meals and what to do to stay healthy. I don’t work out to compete. I workout and eat healthy because I want to stay healthy and the truth is, that I have the utmost respect for my body and how it works, which is why I take such good care of it by eating what it needs and how much it needs. Is living this lifestyle extreme? Yes, staying healthy, being fit and living longer IS extreme and revolutionary. It is what Brett Hoebel (who was on “Biggest Loser” and is the creator of Rev Abs,) has called the “health revolution.” Yes, I am part of that revolution and although I cannot force anyone to join me, I am here if someone does choose to take those little steps that compounded over time will make a difference. I will empower you, cheer for you and help you along the process.  Not everyone will like it, not everyone will support you along the way and that’s okay… if they don’t support you, encourage and empower you, then you may want to look for other friends who do.

 Taking a stand for your health and fitness is revolutionary and extreme and I am absolutely okay with that. Are you?