60 day results are in!

Two important milestones happened this week. July 14 was day 60 on the program, which meant pictures, measurements, etc., and that day I happened to turn 42. That day it was business as usual. I worked while my husband got my daughter ready for school and then we worked out, took pictures and had breakfast.

You may recall that I have mentioned how impatient I am and I honestly have to say that impatience is probably one of the most difficult things to overcome. It never fails it always bites me in the butt and works well as something to discourage me. I was worried about these pictures, in my mind, I had not gotten results, I thought I was at the same place I was when I took the 30 day pictures. To my amazement that is not the case. When I took the pictures and compared them to day 30, the difference is extremely clear and if I compare them to the pictures we took on day 1, it is really shocking. ! I even have a little bit of my ab muscles starting to peek on my 60 day pictures. I’m getting that beautiful definition that has eluded me most of my life.

As far as weight, I have lost 12 Lbs., but most of my fat has been replaced by muscle. My stomach is looking a lot firmer, I lost another couple of inches around my waist (remember, I lost 8 inches in the first 30 days). I believe that once I lost a lot of the excess fat, what my body is doing now is using the remaining fat as fuel to turn it into muscle… I don’t know if I’m correct here because I am clear that this is just me thinking and I am no scientist, but, I can only say that this is what it feels like.

I told one of my friends that day “I feel so much lighter, it’s crazy.” It really is crazy to think that I was carrying that extra weight around and how MUCH of a difference it makes now that I am not.

Once I posted my pictures in my Facebook profile, they were followed by comments from wonderful people encouraging me (thank you all!), as well as questions regarding what my diet plan is. The diet is a no-brainer. I eat natural, fresh foods, nothing canned and if for some reason I happen to buy something in a can, I watch the sodium content. I don’t eat starchy white carbohydrates (pasta, potatoes, white bread, white rice), I have replaced everything with brown rice, wheat bread, sweet potatoes, etc.We never fry anything, we don’t eat junk food and we stay away from sugars.

Someone also asked “what’s next?” Well in my journey to get fit, I realized how much of a difference it has made in our lives. We are happier, more relaxed, we have more energy, and the weight loss and self confidence I feel are added benefits. What’s next for me is to help others achieve their fitness goals. I want other people to join me in this journey. I know how awful it feels to not be fit, to lack energy, to feel tired all the time. If I can do it, ANYONE can! I am no athlete, I am a work-at-home mom of a toddler. I work, go to school, have a husband, laundry, cooking, etc. I am no less busy than anyone and according to some, I do a lot more than most people. In regards to fitness, I have 30 days more on this program and then we’re moving on to the next one: a second round of P90X combined with the Ab Rev program, another wonderful fitness program from Beachbody.

If you’d like more information on Beachbody, go to my site: http://teambeachbody.com/firmbuttmommies.