50 Down, 101 To Go.

Accountability is a huge factor in the success of one’s journey to health. Jennifer T. has a long journey ahead of her and she knows it – and she’s doing everything she can to keep herself accountable! She joined a Challenge Group with her Coach, she tweets her daily workout to us @BBSuccess and tracks her progress as she goes. Jennifer suffers from PCOS, Type II Diabetes and Fibromyalgia, but in keeping herself accountable, and pressing play with TurboJam and TurboFire every day, she has lost 50 pounds! Her goal is to lose 151 lbs and be at a healthy body weight for her height. Read a little more about her story in her own words below.

I started a 90 Day TurboJam/Shakeology/Clean Eating Challenge on at 341 lbs. I was completely fired up about doing this together with a group of ladies and having a Coach to keep kicking my rear end into gear, if need be. TurboJam has been a miracle worker in my eyes! I absolutely love how upbeat the workouts are, the combination of the different types of workouts and how it literally works your entire body! Add this to the great nutrition and the weight just started falling off! I lost 46 lbs. in the first 90 days! I’ve since started TurboFire and have continued the weight loss. As of September 26, 2012, 109 days into my journey, I had lost 50 lbs!! I haven’t been 291 lbs. in over two and a half years!! It keeps me wanting to move forward and show everyone that all the hard work, perserverance and a positive outlook really does work.

Between Shakeology, TurboJam and clean eating, I have more energy than I ever thought possible, my Fibromyalgia pain is very minimal and I’m able to give my daughter and husband more time, love and attention. I’m no longer struggling to get out of bed every day. I actually look forward to the day and to my workouts! At 291 lbs, yes I still have a long way to go. But, with a little determination, motivation, accountability and support, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! It’s not about how I look. It’s about being a happier, healthier version of myself!

Jennifer, we couldn’t be more proud of you!! Your determination and transformation is inspiring. Keep up the great work, and keep pushing play!¬†We’ll be here following your progress and cheering you on from Beachbody HQ.

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