45 days of my workout completed, 45 more to go

Joseph and I got up today at 6:30 am. It’s Sunday and we wanted to make sure that we got up early enough to workout and take our pictures before AJ got up. That didn’t quite work out as we wanted, our little pumpkin got up with us, so we prepared oatmeal for her and she watched us workout. We normally take our pictures outside where there is enough natural light. The air was crisp and it was pretty chilly out there but I am very happy with my results so far.

I never expected that an ab program like RevAbs would develop so much muscle definition in my legs. My legs have more definition now than when I was running marathons. My abs? Well my abs are already developed and I am AMAZED this is only 45 days into the program. WOW!

These 45 days I have been using the same 3 DVD’s in the order that they tell me to do them. I am SO looking forward to moving to phase 2! I finally mastered squat thrusts so I know from experience that phase 2 will probably include some move that I’m going to hate but love.

So tomorrow we go back to our routine, this time we’ll wake up at 4:15 instead of 4:30, get up, workout and start again. Like Tony Horton says: BRING IT! Phase 2 of RevAbs here we go!!

Here are my pictures. I have posted my Day 1 pictures from May, my 90 day pictures when I finished the first round of P90X and my 45 day pictures of RevAbs so you can see the difference from where I was 7 months ago. Beachbody exercise programs work!