30 Day results are in!

OK for starters, the last few workouts have kicked my butt!!

Day 27 was Yoga X

Day 28 was a rest day

Day 29 introduced a new workout: Chest, Shoulders and Triceps and AB Ripper at the end of that workout. I have to say that I am SO much stronger now. I am able to finally do push-ups every single time. Yes there are some that are very difficult, I am yet to do a one-arm push up or a clap push up. I am not quite there, but I’m sure I will be there soon at this rate. So during those times, I just did the regular push-ups. And to be clear, the push ups I am able to do now are using my feet and not my knees like at the beginning. So yes, my body has gotten stronger.

I hadn’t posted pictures because I was very embarrassed by the way I looked. You have to understand that I have been fit most of my life except for the past 3 years so posting these pictures of myself was very difficult. So I decided to wait until I completed my first 30 days.

let’s do a comparison here:

5/14/10 147 38 40 36 9.5 9.5 22 22
6/14/10 142 30 38 35 11 11 20 20

If this doesn’t shock you, how about this? My body fat when I first started was 47%. Today it is down to 24%. And this has been ONLY 30 days!

As for my pictures, click on .the link below and you’ll see the difference!


So what is stopping you from getting fit?