21 Day Fix Results

The 21 Day Fix is an incredible program that goes beyond being a workout program only. Beachbody did an excellent job when they created this program by making it even more simple for people to lose weight.

The program has 7 workouts that are 30 minutes in length each. While the length of the workouts might seem enticing, what makes it even more enticing for me, is that the 21 Day Fix focuses a lot on portion control for foods. It includes color-coded containers for your protein, greens, starches, fruits, nuts and seeds, oils and dressings. It comes with an excellent booklet that includes recipes as well as tips on what are the best choices for food when going out for dinner. There is NOTHING off limits with this program. Chocolate, wine and coffee are allowed.

I decided to launch a challenge group on Facebook with several people. This week they started to submit their results at the end of their challenge. I was SO excited to see that some of them have lost 13 pounds and a ton of inches. Take a look at some of the 21 Day Fix results below:

Some of the people I’ve been working with had been so frustrated with their lack of weight loss, counting calories or points, working out a lot and not getting the results they were expecting. This program made it simple! To be honest, I WISH it had come out when I first started. It would have made my life SO much easier too.

I am THRILLED with everyone’s results and decided to offer my 21 Day Fix Challenge once again, starting on April 21st. If you’d like to get started on your way to feeling healthier, why not follow this program for 21 days? You can do anything for 21 days, right? Why not get your OWN 21 Day Fix Results?

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