150 lbs Gone in 2 Years!

Jonathan R. was facing a life of health complications and obesity before starting his two year transformation with P90X.  All told he has lost over 150 lbs!

I weighed in at over 320lbs, with various health problems including, sleep apnea, hypertension,  prediabetes, depression, and I was even having chest pains on a regular basis, having to go to the emergency room several times. I was treating all this with medication and machines provided by my health insurance. Well in 2010 due to the economic down turn I was laid off and was put in a situation where I no longer had health insurance. I was down and out and while watching T.V. I saw the commercial for P90X.  I thought to myself  that I needed to do something about this, I needed to take control of my life, otherwise I would die young.  I wouldn’t be able to see my 3yr old daughter grow up, I would never see my little girl get married, would never be “grandpa.”  I couldn’t keep up with her and she was only 3.  I would come home and go lay down, I was physically unable to play with her and give her the attention she needed.  So I picked up the phone and ordered!  This was not normal for me as I had never bought anything from TV before, but it was guaranteed or my money back so I had nothing to lose but the weight.  So I scrounged up what little money we had and bought it!  I saw that real people were changing and felt that I could do this!  Day 1 came I was excited and nervous the X was for Extreme and I was far from that.  I couldn’t even do one push up that day but I used the bands and did what I could I challenged myself everyday for the entire 90 days.  Now I can do pushups on my toes! I can do pull-ups without assistance, I can run and jump and keep up with my daughter now! I am now a coach and I am now committed to helping other do what I have done if not better.  I am committed to do my part in ending the trend of obesity!  

Now Jonathan is one of our Ultimate Health Winners in the The Beachbody Challenge.  Don’t forget to submit your results and you could be a winner too!  Congratulations Jonathan on all of your hard work and dedication.