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Have you ever noticed how we try a diet that a friend has had incredible results with but we don't have the same success?

Or why we will do well on a diet temporarily only to gain all the weight lost again?

Have you ever noticed how we try a diet that a friend has had incredible results with but we don't have the same success?

Why is it that some people seem to thrive on fatty foods while others thrive on lots of starchy carbs like pasta?

Why are we so different? Why is it that some people do SO well on a specific plan while others gain weight following the same exact plan to the letter?

Have you heard of epigenetics?

Epigenetics is the study of biological mechanisms that turn genes on and off.

It explains why queen bees and worker bees have the same exact DNA but queen bees live up to four years while workers live up to a few months. Queens are fed royal jelly to literally change their appearance and lifespan.

Would you like to know what your DNA says works best for you?


Discover which foods are best and what supplements will be most beneficial for your particular needs. Will you thrive better with more carbs or more fats? How much protein is really best for you? What is a good cheat meal for you? How often should you eat each day?


Neurotransmitters help regulate your mood. The main ones are serotonin, dopamine, GABA and norepinephrine.. Your lifestyle factors play an important role in neurotransmitter levels. This test will help you identify ways you can improve on them.

Exercise and WEIGHT

Discover your cardiovascular health, exercise performance and which exercise modalities will benefit you most. Will you be better off doing more cardio or will you do better with weights? Is cross-training or yoga your best bet? How much and how often should you train?

SURPRISE! We're all different!

The MAIN reason why one diet never suits everyone, and why there are so many contradictory studies regarding dietary advice, is because we are all different and we have different needs. Genetics and biochemistry provide answers in regards to what we can do not only to take control of our weight, but also to understand what steps we can take to potentially overcome susceptibilities to illness through the understanding and applying epigenetics to our diet, lifestyle and environment.

If you are tired of spinning your wheels and not being able to figure out WHY or WHAT will make a difference for you in your weight loss and health journey, this information will help provide the answers you have been missing.

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Your nutrition genome test kit and report will include information on the following:
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  • Personalized Overview
  • Potential Digestion Issues
  • Methylation Cycle
  • Hormone Health
  • Neurotransmitter Profile
  • Inflammation & Antioxidant Protection
  • Detoxification Capabilities
  • DNA Protection, Damage & Repair
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Athletic Performance Sources
  • Support to Get Started!