Does this sound like you?

You eat healthy, exercise consistently, live a healthy lifestyle, try to manage stress in the best way possible and yet…

  • Digestive issues plague you (yes THOSE issues)
  • You do the same workouts or diet as others and you don’t get results
  • You have difficulty getting lean or building muscle
  • Falling asleep can be challenging or maybe you wake up in the night and can’t easily fall back asleep
  • A big event, job interview or important meeting puts knots in your stomach or you have to run to the bathroom
  • Your doctor treats your symptoms but doesn’t know what’s causing them

I had all this and more and I was there too for a very long time. In fact, I thought back then that I was “pretty healthy”. It wasn’t until I found myself in fitness training for a competition that I started to notice how “not-so-healthy” I truly was. I was having issues building muscle and my digestion didn’t improve no matter how “clean” I ate. It was so bad, that even going out with my family was stressful because I never knew how my digestion would behave.

In looking back, one of the things I realized is that it had been at least 15 or more years since I had “normal” digestion. And I had gotten to a point where I just ignored the symptoms because when trying to get answers from my doctor, all he had done was give me medication to manage my symptoms without asking me the kinds of questions I know he should have asked. So I ignored my digestion issues and sometimes they would get better and other times they would get worse. I didn’t want to live for the rest of my life with a medication to manage symptoms. I wanted to find out what was going on with my gut and see if I could get them resolved or at least improved but I didn’t know where to go.

I had heard about Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioners through friends who had sought help from one and how they had been able to resolve some of their health complaints. Desperate for answers, I decided to look into their program and get my own answers. Through FDN®, I was able to run functional lab tests on myself and got some surprising things that my doctor never discussed with me:

  • Leaky gut
  • A protozoa
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Assimilation issues
  • Food sensitivities

You know that saying “knowledge is power?” I felt extremely powerful for now having answers and clues to what was going on with me. And with this new acquired knowledge and the certification that came with my training, I was able to create a self-care protocol that allowed my issues to improve and even go away completely. 12 years of suffering from digestive issues are history.

Today, as a certified FDN® Practitioner, I help people find answers to what’s causing their most common health complaints. I don’t diagnose nor do I treat disease as a doctor would. Instead, I find healing opportunities in your body to provide the support it needs through a self-care protocol so that you can get your vitality back once we do the detective work to get you there.

If you think that you might have any of these issues, then the one sure way to know is to see if you have a leaky gut. You can start this process by taking a quiz that I developed called “The Leaky Gut Check”. You can also download my FREE Gut Performance report which might offer some help to start to feel better. And of course, you can always make a free appointment with me so I can provide some insights.